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T6 Passive Surveillance - Advanced Algorithms and Challenging Applications

Length: 3 hours

Intended Audience: Post graduate / PhD students and system engineers in industry, scientific staff in research labs. Basic knowledge in mathematics and statistics is necessary.

Description: The tutorial covers partly material of the recently published book of the presenter (Tracking and Data Fusion, Springer 2014, Mathematical Engineering Series, ISBN 978-3-642-39270-2) and thus provides an guided introduction to deeper reading with a particular focus on passive surveillance. Starting point is the well known JDL model of sensor data and information fusion that provides general orientation within the world of fusion methodologies and its various applications, covering a dynamically evolving field of ever increasing relevance. Using the JDL model as a guiding principle, the tutorial introduces into advanced fusion technologies based on practical examples taken from real world applications.

Presenter: Wolfgang Koch

18.10.1962 born in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany, study of physics and mathematics at Aachen Technical University (RWTH), Germany
Since 1990 Research Scientist at Fraunhofer Defence and Security.
Since 2002 Lecturer for Sensor Data Fusion at Bonn University.
Since 2002 Head of Dept. Sensor Data and Information Fusion
Since 2003 Editing services for IEEE T-AES
2005 Initiation of a series of annual IEEE ISIF workshops SDF:
Since 2007 Member of the Board of Directors of ISIF
2008 Executive Chair of the 11th International Conference on Information Fusion, June 30 – July 3, 2008, Cologne, Germany (together with Peter Willett)
2010 Habilitation at University of Bonn University, Germany
2011 Fellow, IEEE
2013 President of the ISIF
Since 2015 IEEE Distinguished Lecturer


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