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Registration and Submission Procedure

In order to be included in the MFI 2016 Conference Proceedings, at least one of the authors is required to register, attend the conference, and present the paper. The following three steps are required.

Step 1: Choose Format of Presentation

We offer the following modes for your presentation:

  1. oral presentation with slides (15 minutes talk plus 5 minutes discussion)
  2. interactive presentation at a poster session

Please use this link to register your presentation preference:

Choose Format of Presentation

As we are already assembling the program, please register your presentation preference as soon as possible. Deadline is August 8. Please note that the Program Chairs may have to override your given presentation preference in order to optimize the program schedule, and you will be informed as soon as possible if this happens. You have to print and bring the posters for the poster sessions yourself. A0 posters fit both horizontally and vertically on the walls provided.

Step 2: Register for the Conference

Registration for the MFI 2016 Conference has to be completed before submitting the final paper. Please use the following link:

Register for the Conference

Please note:

  • Each full registration covers two papers.
  • Student registrations do not cover any paper submission.
  • Cost for submitting extra papers is 350.00 € per paper.

Step 3: Submit your Final Paper

Please submit the papers covered by the registration through the following link

Submit your Final Paper

Initial Submission of Full-Length Papers until June 1, 2016

Final Submission of Full-Length Papers until August 8, 2016

Submission of Special Session Proposals

Each special session proposal should include an overview of the topic that identifies the relevance of the topic and introduces the papers to be presented. Additionally, special session proposals are more likely to be accepted if they include at least 5 invited papers. Detailed information on how to prepare proposals is provided here.

A proposal can be submitted in plain text or PDF, by email to the special session chairs ().

Submission of Special Session Proposals until May 21, 2016

Submission of Tutorial and Workshop Proposals

Tutorials should cover a single topic in detail and should present the state of the art about a frontier topic, enabling attendees to fully appreciate the current issues, main schools of thought, and possible application areas. Workshops will complement the main MFI 2016 conference by facilitating in-depth discussions illuminating a specific topic of interest from different viewpoints. Tutorial and Workshop proposals should include the information stated here.

A proposal can be submitted in plain text or PDF, by email to the tutorial and workshop co-chairs, Adrian Bishop (), Joris Sijs (), and Marco Huber () with the subject: 'MFI 2016 Tutorial Proposal' or 'MFI 2016 Workshop Proposal'.

Submission of Tutorial and Workshop Proposals until May 21, 2016

Guidelines for Paper Submission

Submitted papers published in the MFI 2016 Conference Proceedings must meet IEEE and RAS standards and requirements. These apply to post-conference distribution of the Conference Proceedings as well, including submission to IEEE Xplore. Submitted papers must strictly adhere to the formatting instructions.

Formatting and Templates

All papers must be formatted according to the IEEE RAS template (letter size paper). Templates and other supporting files can be downloaded using the following links:

Detailed instructions and support for the templates is provided under the links

It is strongly recommended to use these templates also for the preparation of the initial papers.

Steps of Final Paper Submission

After notification of acceptance, the final paper has to be prepared and submitted. The final submission includes the following steps.

Check for Compliance and Submit Paper

Submit the IEEE Compliant PDF file of your paper via the PaperPlaza web page. Note that the PDF file must not exceed 2MB. During the submission process, an electronic Copyright Form has to be signed.

Please check that

  • all authors and their order are identical in the PaperPlaza submission system and the paper. Please write names with only the first letter capitalized, i.e., "Firstname Lastname", and
  • the PDF is compliant with Paperplaza adhering to these instructions.


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